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DIALOGIC: Reinventing Representation

Qais Assali (I), Leah Dyjak (I), Amy Friend (I), Millee Tibbs (I)

Saturday, March 07 - 9:00AM to 10:45AM
Galleria III&IV

Do Parallel Universes Exist? Amy Friend
This presentation focuses on the Multi-verse series, which presents photographs that vary in time, location, and subject matter as well as through visual and sequence disruptions. I include vernacular photographs alongside my own photography depicting elements of political turmoil, human rights violations and environmental destruction, to name a few issues and not lightly. The series continues with oppositional photos of seemingly tranquil moments from everyday life. This is where the title Multi-verse, sets the stage; the work references what cosmologists and physicists describe as parallel universes, where alternate realities exist.

The American Dream through an Orientalist Lens, Qais Assali
Making a conversation between old fashioned Orientalism and contemporary Islamophobia. What does it mean for me as a Muslim photographer to do research in a "Moslem Temple" and to dance there? How can I or should I become a part of it, to embody it, to use my senses to understand and laugh at this locale? What does orientalism have to do with sexism? This presentation will focus on my photography and advertising tools as evidence for the misrepresentation produced by the Shriners whom appropriated Arab and Islamic words, characters, props, tropes, places and architecture for their secret society's rituals.

Mount Analogue and Other Photographic Illusions, Millee Tibbs
Landscape as a highly-charged symbol at the service of specific ideologies, representing the projected identity and desires of those who use it. While it can produce delight in the viewer, it can also naturalize power relations, and erase history and legibility. Tibbs' work questions the illusion of photographic space and its relationship to landscape representation. By drawing attention to photographic artifice through physical manipulation and darkroom sleight of hand, her work investigates idealized, commodified, and consumable landscape imagery.

Force Majeure, Leah Dyjak
In this presentation, Dyjak will discuss their recent body of work Force Majeure. This photographic work is presented as an installation physically speaking to the ways in which familiar landscapes have been mangled and erased by the force of water. The form of the installation attempts to convey what the camera lens and prints alone cannot. The point of focus: the mutability of boundary, frame, and instability of surface. The work represents the material failure of both medium of photography and our infrastructure, specifically relating to water. Dyjak will draw comparisons between the obsolescence of traditional photographic technologies and the erosion of our shorelines; both occurring with an imperceptible dissolve as time passes.


Amy Friend
Amy Friend
Leah Dyjak
Leah Dyjak
Millee Tibbs
Millee Tibbs
Qais Assali
Qais Assali

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