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DIALOGIC: Landscape Trauma

Jeremy Bolen (I), Jon Horvath (I), Yan Wang Preston (I)

Saturday, March 07 - 1:00PM to 2:45PM
Galleria I&II

This Is Bliss, Jon Horvath
This Is Bliss is a transmedia narrative investigating the vanishing roadside culture of a rural Idaho town named Bliss. The project is philosophically rooted in a broad consideration of how entrenched mythologies of place and traditional mythologies of happiness collide in a geography with a complex history of booms and busts that reflects the complicated history of American Idealism and Manifest Destiny.  Through a thorough look at the landscape and its inhabitants, This Is Bliss contrasts romantic visions of the American West with its contemporary reality and considers how idealism is pursued on both a personal and cultural level. 

Casual Invisibility, Jeremy Bolen
With the impact of human activity quickly becoming something that can readily be sensed, it has become clear that other kinds of human interaction will likely be necessary to mitigate some of the human impact, and ensure that the Earth maintains habitable. Many of these geo-engineering endeavors have unknown consequences including our ability to see the world as we do now. Casual Invisibility explores ways of observing the possible futures of a human altered planet that may alter our ability to perceive the world around us.

Vision of Entanglement: On Yan Wang Preston's 'Forest' Project, Yan Wang Preston
This paper presents Dr Yan Wang Preston's Forest project while reflecting on its methodology and its social-political context. Through an explorative gaze, personal sensitivity and in-depth research, Forest questions the nature of nature in contemporary Chinese cities, where nature is merely part of an ever-changing landscaping project that is created for GDP growth, quick visual pleasure and reaching temporary environmental target. However, the long-term investigation also witnesses signs of integration. Therefore, the paper contextualizes the Forest project in the current discussion around the city, urbanization, urban ecology and the artist's role in contributing towards debates around such contemporary issues.


Jeremy Bolen
Jeremy Bolen
Jon Horvath
Jon Horvath
Yan Wang Preston
Yan Wang Preston

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