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2024 Annual Conference

St. Louis

March 21-23, 2024

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Presentations on Main Stage 1

Michael Darough, Arthur Fields, Lamia Khorshid, and Marivi Ortiz (Panel) | Becky Nunes (Lecture)

Friday, March 08 - 9:00AM to 10:00AM
Hope Ballroom

Michael Darough, Arthur Fields, Lamia Khorshid, and Marivi Ortiz, "Developing an Inclusive Classroom Curriculum" (Panel)
Developing an inclusive classroom while incorporating the arts is a philosophy that seeks the acceptance of all learners. Effective inclusive classroom communities do not happen by accident: careful and intentional planning on the part of teachers is required. Lesson planning requires an understanding of how cultural histories and experiences shape approaches to learning. A number of markers of diversity intersect within individual experience such as dis/ability, race, gender, ethnicity, language, family structure, religion, among others-awareness of such markers allows access to the underlying structures that inform the way students understand course material and the way they process and create work. 

Becky Nunes, "15 Minutes of Fame - Warhol, Facebook and the Work of Luke Willis Thompson" (Lecture)
In 2016, 6 million people watched Diamond Reynolds live-stream the fatal shooting of her partner by a police officer. Now she is again the subject of the world's gaze. Luke Willis Thompson's black & white 35mm film portraying Reynolds has been awarded internationally. However, the acclaim for Autoportrait has also focussed critique from some quarters on the motives of Willis Thompson (A Fijian-New Zealander): suggesting that his "white-passing privilege" might be at play in further exploiting black trauma. This presentation asks what new mythologies of representation are being created in this complex arena, and perhaps most importantly - who is watching.


Arthur Fields
Arthur Fields
Becky Nunes
Becky Nunes
Lamia Khorshid
Lamia Khorshid
Marivi Ortiz
Marivi Ortiz
Michael Darough
Michael Darough

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