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Past SPE Annual Conferences

2019 SPE Annual Conference Schedule

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Presentations on Main Stage

Ariel C. Wilson (Graduate) | Conor Elliott Fitzgerald (Graduate) | Glenna Jennings (Teaching & Learning)

Thursday, March 07 - 3:30PM to 4:30PM
Hope Ballroom

15 minute Graduate and Teaching & Learning Presentations

Ariel C. Wilson, "Nothing to See Here" (Graduate)
Beginning with the test strip, to expose within Ansel Adams' zone system, Ariel Wilson became fascinated with the reliance on boundaries to define value. While playing with the limits of his own perception Wilson began to examine the words delineate and define: to describe or portray something, or to understand the meaning of something through the exact position or marking of its boundaries. In this presentation Wilson will be sharing minimalist works from a recent series of sculptural prints entitled, To See from Somewhere, that ask the question: When do we equate knowing something with our ability to perceive its boundaries? 

Conor Elliott Fitzgerald, "Pisar Pasos (Graduate)
Pisar Pasos reveals traces of the United States' presence in Central America. Fitzgerald is leveraging video installation and newsprint in order to problematize the relationship between the United States and El Salvador. Fitzgerald's research has led him to link current violence in El Salvador to US military intervention during the 1980s. This investigation has also complicated the nature of his relationship to Central America, a region where he lived as a Peace Corps volunteer. Research and reflexivity have caused Fitzgerald to question whether his trips to El Salvador echo the broader US involvement that haunts this part of the world. 

Glenna Jennings, "The Americans: Constructive Deconstruction - Strategies for Student Exhibition and Engagement" (Teaching & Learning)
This presentation will use a specific interdisciplinary student exhibition about the work of Robert Frank and The American Dream to discuss strategies for experiential student engagement through writing, curating and image making. Jennings will address an ongoing collaboration between her history of photography and studio lighting courses, as well as a related student exhibition produced during a residency at China's Nanjing University of the Arts. 


Ariel C. Wilson
Ariel C. Wilson
Conor Elliott Fitzgerald
Conor Elliott Fitzgerald
Glenna Jennings
Glenna Jennings

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