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2024 Annual Conference

St. Louis

March 21-23, 2024

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"Teaching Towards Appreciation For Diversity and Family, Community And The World"

Zach Stephens and John Willis (T&L)

Saturday, March 11 - 11:00AM to 11:45AM
Orlando VI

Exposures Cross-Cultural Youth Arts Program strives to raise appreciation for diversity rather than tolerance of it by helping participants ages 15 to 21 to cross geographic and cultural borders and recognize the world as we each see it is a cultural construction. Utilizing photography and other arts as a common language, participants develop a visual and analytical vocabulary for apprehending their own experience and that of others, and together experience the facility of these tools for personal and cultural expression. During this presentation we will discuss the program, sharing examples of participant work, inviting collaboration, and asking for audience feedback.


John Willis
John Willis
Zach Stephens
Zach Stephens

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