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"Dissecting the National Imagination"

Jasmine Rayna Clark, Heather M. O’Brien, Greta Pratt, and Rebecca Sittler (P)

Thursday, March 09 - 10:00AM to 11:45AM
Orange EF

"And who are you that draws your veil across the stars?" In 1938, Langston Hughes wrote “Let America Be America Again,” a poem that demanded fulfillment of a dream that never was. Decades later, constructed heroic identities continue to limit our personal and political imaginations. These four female artists explore pervasive and predominantly masculine American icons: the explorer, the cowboy, the president, and the war hero. Shifting and recontextualizing contemporary constructs of militarism, gender, and race, they reveal the duplicitous nature of myth and its vast contradictions. Who is behind the veil? What was burnt out by the stars?


Greta Pratt
Greta Pratt
Heather M. O'Brien
Heather M. O'Brien
Jasmine Rayna Clark
Jasmine Rayna Clark
Rebecca Sittler
Rebecca Sittler

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