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David  Chickey

David Chickey

Friday, October 14, 2016 @ 10:00am, Mainstage, Riverside Theatre Complex, 6 West 10th

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David Chickey was born in 1967. Chickey moved from New York to Santa Fe in 1991, where he ultimately founded Radius Books in 2007. Radius Books is a non-profit art book publishing company with a focus on photography, fine arts and monographs.

Prior to this, Chickey worked as a graphic designer and curator around the world. Book design was a primary part of his freelance work and was a particular joy to him, as reading helped him overcome dyslexia as a child. Through this, he saw that art books were seeing a decline in sales simply because libraries, the main buyers of such books, couldn't afford them. This sparked Radius, which donates hundreds of copies of each book it prints to schools libraries and art organizations across the country.

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