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2024 Annual Conference

St. Louis

March 21-23, 2024

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"Forgotten Histories and Mechanical Memories: Constructing the Past"

Edward Bateman (I)

Friday, March 11 - 9:00AM to 9:45AM
Summerlin F

Taking the form of allegedly discovered, historical artifacts, I reveal little-known chapters in the history of photography and examine our belief in the photograph as a reliable witness. In my work, 19th century automatons become a metaphor for the camera, recalling that moment when, for the first time in human history, objects of our own creation looked back at us. With three-dimensional computer modeling, I raise the specter of spirit photography and its quest for proof of life after death. Like my imagined spirit photographers, I do not have to rely on a physical presence to create an image.


Edward Bateman
Edward Bateman

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