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The University of Texas at Austin

Photography Lab Manager

Location: Austin, TX
Posted: April 13, 2021
Application Deadline: April 30, 2021


The University of Texas at Austin
Hiring Manager
2301 San Jacinto Blvd.
Austin, TX, 78712

Job Posting Title:
Photography Lab Manager
Hiring Department:
Department of Art and Art History
Position Open To:
All Applicants
Weekly Scheduled Hours:
FLSA Status:
Earliest Start Date:
Position Duration:
Expected to Continue
Job Description:
The Lab Manager is responsible for the daily management and administration of operational, safety, cleanliness, chemical, technological and equipment maintenance of the Photography Lab facility. The Photography Lab accommodates 90-100 people per semester enrolled in Photography & Media classes as well as graduate students and faculty members using the facility. The Lab Manager also is responsible to manage 2-3 lab monitors each semester. This position is 30 hours per week. Medical benefits are paid 100%; other benefits available. We are looking to fill the position ASAP.
Job Details:

General Notes
The College of Fine Arts welcomes and respects all individuals and communities by valuing and consciously maintaining awareness of diverse perspectives and experiences. We believe inclusivity is critical to fostering excellence in all of our endeavors, and we promote diversity in our recruiting, hiring and retention practices.
This job description may not be inclusive of all assigned duties, responsibilities, or aspects of the job described.  Even if you don't qualify or have specific experience in every facet of this role, we encourage you to apply for any role you're personally interested in and excited to drive positive change at the College of Fine Arts.


Lab Management: The Lab consists of analog and digital photography facilities. Technical background, expertise and demonstrated success in maintaining and managing a digital and wet photography lab is a requirement. Specifically, as the Photography & Media Area will continue to invest and strengthen its digital resources, expertise and demonstrated ongoing interest in digital imaging technology, hardware, software and equipment is essential. The Lab Manager is responsible for participating in all aspects of mixing, handling, cleaning and maintaining photographic chemicals and facilities as necessitated by a wet darkroom environment.

Maintenance: Responsible for scheduling and communicating all cleaning and maintenance needs to be done by university crews. In addition to the nightly emptying of trash bins, during the semester, the entire lab area must be vacuumed and mopped once a week, to be coordinated and implemented by the Lab Manager. Prepare and submit all work orders, either as requested or as needed, for all materials, new equipment, and equipment repairs for wet photo and digital photo. Final approval requires Lab Manager and Area Head signatures. Prepare and submit all work orders, either as requested or as needed, for all materials, new equipment, and equipment repairs for wet photo and digital photo. Final approval requires Lab Manager and Area Head signatures.

Safety: Oversee the safety of the Lab, including graduate TA training and orientation sessions on all facility equipment (wet and digital) and day-to-day safe operational procedures. Work with EVH@S office. The Lab Manager is responsible for maintaining adequate posting of signs for Lab Safety, Rules and Regulations. All safety equipment will be researched and provided as needed by the Lab Manager. Oversee door alarm systems, assign new codes and remove old ones.

Equipment Checkout Procedure: Responsible for supervising graduate students and/or hiring and supervising work study undergraduate students in the Lab. The graduate students and/or work study student is responsible for checking-out equipment and helping to maintain an up to date and accurate inventory of equipment. The Lab Manager is responsible that all the equipment check-out systems are up to date, organized and accurate. It is the Lab Manager's responsibility to immediately communicate any discrepancies in writing to the Area Head.
Inventory: Personally maintain a current and updated equipment inventory data base. Responsible to provide the most current version of the equipment inventory to the Area Head and all Photo Faculty members upon request. At the end of each semester, Lab Manager is responsible to provide the Area Head with a copy of the most current version of the equipment inventory. The inventory needs to include all unaccounted items.

Equipment Budget: The Lab Manager works in collaboration and consultation with the Area Head to prepare an annual area equipment budget.

Communication and Collaboration: Participate in creating a collaborative, respectful and work-friendly environment for all students, faculty, and staff. This includes actively assisting undergraduate and graduate students to troubleshoot technical issues while they are working in the lab. Monitor the Lab when TAs are unavailable to do so. TA's must make this request in advance to the Area Head. If the request is approved, Area Head will forward the monitor substitution schedule to the Lab Manager. Be responsive to Faculty and graduate TA suggestions and requests and possibly participate in long-term planning regarding equipment needs and lab modifications, etc. with photo faculty. Work under the supervision of the Area Head. Work hours are set in agreement with the current Area Head and are not adjustable unless in agreement with current Area Head. The Lab Manager's work hours must coincide as closely as possible to the hours that scheduled courses are being run and that the lab is open to students. During working hours, across and off-campus trips for purchasing and maintenance of equipment requiring absence from the office and lab during working hours, need prior written approval by Area Head.

Required Qualifications

Minimum BFA or BA in studio art with specialization in photography.

1-2 years working in a professional photography lab with wet b/w darkroom facilities, ideally in an educational institution.

Accuracy and Attention to Detail: Ability to process information with high levels of accuracy. Able to track and follow up on numerous details with ease, while balancing speed and accuracy. Able to gauge the impact and cost of errors, omissions, and oversights.

Managing Multiple Priorities: Knowledge of effective self-management practices and ability to manage multiple concurrent objectives, projects, groups, or activities, making effective judgments as to prioritizing and time allocation. Demonstrated outstanding prioritization and organizational skills, able to manage multiple projects and analyze situations to reach productive decisions based on informed judgment.

Effective Communications: Understanding of effective communication concepts, tools and techniques, oral and written; ability to effectively transmit, receive, and accurately interpret ideas, information, and needs through the application of appropriate communication behaviors. Communicates well with various employee populations (e.g., faculty, staff and supervisors). Maintains focus on the topic at hand and adapts documents and presentations for the intended audience. Is able to review others' writing or presentations and provide feedback.

Interpersonal Relationships: Demonstrated knowledge of the techniques and the ability to work with a variety of individuals and groups in a constructive and collaborative manner. Ability to work cooperatively with researchers and students from various fields.

Teamwork: Knowledge of the necessity and value of teamwork; experience with and ability to participate effectively as part of a team. Effectively navigates formal and informal communication and decision-making channels.

Service Excellence: Demonstrates knowledge of customer service concepts and techniques; demonstrates ability to meet or exceed customer needs and expectations and provide excellent service in a direct or indirect manner.

Relevant education and experience may be substituted as appropriate.

Preferred Qualifications

MFA in photography or related lens-based field.

Initiative: Demonstrates past successes in performing the value of self-motivation and initiative; ability and willingness to seek out work and the drive to accomplish goals. Is resourceful and contributes creative and appropriate solutions.

Experience working within a higher education institution.

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