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2021 SPE Annual Conference: Imagining Legacy: Archives, Collections, and Memoria

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FotoFika Q&A


Darkroom to Digital: while creative solutions are available, the first step is to recognize that the course will not be the same and to help move the students through the transition

Solutions/assignments: Camera Obscura, cyanotype (pre-coated paper kits), collage for hands on experiences, unfixed lumen prints (for those who have access to darkroom paper), anthotype prints

Apps/solutions for scanning film:

Labs that are still processing film and scanning: 

Digital Printing:

A few faculty suggested printing work themselves and safely mailing work to students.

Labs that are still printing:

NJ –


Concerns of students: 

Involve the students in creating solutions, they've been preparing for this for a year or more – they will need to be as invested in replacement plans as they were with the original exhibition plans.

Alternatives to a physical exhibition:

Virtual exhibitions, websites hosted by universities for extended periods of time, catalog/books of thesis work. Partnering with other organizations for worldwide exposure.


  • I LIKE YOUR WORK Podcast is offering to feature the shows of every artist in the US who has lost a solo show opportunity because of coronavirus, perhaps a similar approach could be made for thesis shows
  • Social Distance Gallery on Instagram is featuring students who are missing their thesis exhibitions
  • The art assignment on youtube has some interesting ideas
  • Providing students with resources if it's even remotely possible.



  • Instagram
  • Critviz
  • Slack
  • Nearpod
  • VoiceThread (works with d2l, Canvas)
  • PowerPoint/Google Slides w/Zoom for live critiques



  • How can students submit assignments most efficiently?
  • Where to have students upload their photos to? Google Photos or ?
  • I'm curious about running synchronous class time vs asynchronous class time. Any tips or best practices in this arena? Want to be sensitive to students' and my time.


  • Choice boards are likely going to be a major part of online classes at my school. So give five project prompts and let students pick a much smaller number. Students can adjust based on their individual circumstances and interests
  • I've had an assignment where students create their own prompt over the past year. They write the prompt, set all the requirements and execute the assignment. I have been amazed by how creative the students have been with this one and how much they enjoyed this assignment. They really seem to engage with the idea of having a little bit of a voice and control over what we are doing in the course.
  • Today was our first day back – my class voted to go synchronous today, but then asynchronous for the majority of the rest of the semester. I was happy with this, but now hearing our conversation, I think I'm going to keep with the asynchronous model but invite students to join in the class' zoom room for chat, q&a, coffee, etc… for the first hour or class meeting.



  • Are there collaboration systems any one is aware of?
  • Has anyone used Google Hangouts for this sort of synchronous meeting? My school is strongly suggesting we use that first before we try out Zoom.
  • My school is encouraging us to use Microsoft Teams for our school but I am not sure this is the best for visual artists?
  • Do you have students share pdfs for assignment submission?  How do you see metadata if so.


  • A software recommendation for digital collage, my HS students love to use Canva. It's free and they can use it on a laptop, iPad, or phone. You can edit photographs, create layouts, and even multi page books or zines.
  • Basecamp to share images and resources, can also posted homework on it


Ask administration for timed sessions for students to enter the building to retrieve materials, prints, equipment, etc.


  • PBS art assignment is pretty cool and I use it a lot
  • Thinking about artist Oliver Herring's TASK and if there's anything translatable there to a digital/online environment

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