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2021 SPE Annual Conference: Imagining Legacy: Archives, Collections, and Memoria

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Lose the Film   /   Deadline: 12/01/20

"Lose the Film'' would like to invite all artists to submit their photographs, or photographic related material, to take part in a collaborative zine in relation to the idea "Throwaways". Black and White, Color, Alternative Processes, Photo Collage, Film, Digital, and any other photographic medium are all heavily encouraged. "Throwaways'' is for any work that has been created, but has no home or series that it belongs to such as b-roll photography or images that did not quite make the final cut for a series. "Throwaways" is for any photograph that has no home. Whether that lack of belonging would be a part of a larger series, a stand alone image, or the actual subject matter dives into the idea of what a throwaway is. Any type of response is fine. This call is open for interpretation, and we encourage the submitter to go beyond the direct interpretations of a throwaway, and submit work that could be a bi-product or result of one.


Zine publication




Anyone working with a photographic medium



Evaluation Criteria


Contact Information

Joey Aronhalt
104 castle blvd
AKRON, OH 44313

P: 3307520610

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