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2020 SPE Annual Conference: Hosted by The University of Houston | Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts | School of Art

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Zelda Zinn

SPE Member since 1984
Member Chapter: Northeast

2016 Caucus Application Portfolio

New York Revelations is an exploration into the intersection of space and time in the urban environment. In the fall of 2014, I moved from LA to New York. I began taking photos of strangers on subway platforms and crowded street corners, spaces very different from my previous environment. My Santa Monica neighborhood consisted of single family homes, divided by plantings or fences. It was orderly and verdant.

New York, on the other hand, was messy and unpredictable. I became part of the crowd as I navigated the city on public transport and on foot. I took photos of bicycles, pedestrians and cars as they competed for space in my crowded, adopted city. As I struggled to learn my way around, I tried to adapt to the close proximity and exposure I felt. Part of that adjustment involved shooting the environments in which I found myself, yielding temporary compositions of strangers in passing.

In the comfort and quiet of my apartment, I closely examined what I had shot, and slowly painted over the photos in digital white to create a picture within a picture. I refashioned the initial scenes by erasure, creating alternate, more controlled views of the city. The finished photographs offer the viewer insight into my process of untangling and befriending the clutter and chaos in my adopted city.

Revelation #3156

Revelation #0089C

Revelation #0297D1

Revelation #0163C

Revelation #2080A

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