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2019 SPE Annual Conference: The Myths of Photography and the American Dream / Major support by The Joy Family Legacy Foundation

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Tracy Fish

SPE Member since 2015
Member Chapter: West

2017 W/SW Juried Exhibition Application Portfolio

Since 2012, Fish has traveled the road for various lengths of time across the United States, using the camera as a way to mediate the definition of place in relationship to the self. The selected images from "When the Road Seeks (2012-On Going)," was a way of negotiating this personal experience during a time of uncertainty and longing for exploration.

We all might—during a moment in ones life, come to a period when we are searching and seeking out a form of clarity. The resulting photographs are a representation of this ever-evolving journey for the photographer in both the literal and psychological sense through the mode of observation. The road has acted as a surrogate home during this period of investigation shaped by both shared encounters and temporal engagements with the land. This work in meant to invite the viewer along this meditative journey formed through experience, people and the land.

When the Road Seeks began as a search for a new home in the most literal sense. Being born and raised in NYC then leaving for the first time, revealed the self-contained environment the city held for the photographer. Her travels exposed her both the expansiveness of the U.S. and a sense of unity she felt across the transformative landscapes. In the beginning these locations felt disparate from the urban spaces she grew up in, yet time soon provided spaces of comfort and solitude.

Is where one starts from…
We shall not cease from exploration
and at the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

excerpt from T.S. Eliot's 'Four Quartets'

Postcards, Newberry, South Carolina

Woodpecker Holes, Jefferson City, Tennessee

Waiting, McCammon, Idaho

Lake Michigan, Loyola, Illinois

Wahweap Overlook, Arizona

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