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2024 Annual Conference

St. Louis

March 21-23, 2024

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Sarah Horan

SPE Member since 2011
Member Chapter: Northeast


'Contact,' is a photographic body of work in which human vulnerability is explored by showcasing the nude form and the immediate space it inhabits. It is instinctual to shy away from sharing the intimate details of our lives and bodies with others, let alone agreeing to be physically touched by a photographic recording device that threatens to expose what it comes into contact with in unpretentious yet uncompromising detail. The bodies of my subjects are indexically recorded with the use of a hand-held scanner. Beyond the few millimeters of extreme detail found in each individual piece, the remainder of the body fades in to a hazy blur, allowing the anonymity of the individual to remain intact.

Although the act of scanning a nude form is akin to a sterile and callous operation, I approach it as a form of tenderness, resulting in intimate and emotionally charged imagery. I then piece together the individual scans to construct a sense of the whole with the knowledge of never being able to fully reconstruct what had stood before me. Through the fragmentation that results, the forms are as conflicted as they are harmonious.

Untitled I


Screams of Silence

Many Mirrors of Myself

Expectant Mother

What She Gave


From the Outside In


The Weight of the World

Seated on the Edge

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