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2020 Annual Conference


March 05-08, 2020

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2020 SPE Annual Conference: Hosted by The University of Houston | Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts | School of Art

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Sarah Baranski

SPE Member since 2006
Member Chapter: Midwest

Was Once Home

Nearing mid-life, I am looking at the impact of family in my life by making portraits of my family members within the space of home. I am examining the lasting affects of family relationships in my adult life as well as the traces of family history in my parents' home of 37 years. Making observations of my families relationships with one another and the space of my childhood, I am grappling with my own identity; how much influence has my upbringing had on my adult life? How does my parents' physical home continue to play a role as home to me during a more transient lifestyle of apartment renting? In my images, I am nostalgic about my childhood home and the family within in: comparing my past and current family relationships with changes in the home. I am contrasting what was once home to what is now home.

Chairs at dining room table

Mom's wedding dress in my childhood bedroom

Dad installing new door to my childhood bedroom closet

Preparing 2nd Thanksgiving

Self portrait in my city apartment

How mom keeps bananas from over ripening

Dad in garage

Broken floor and unstained door

Mom recovering from a hip replacement

Eating dinner with mom at home

Charcoal drawings of great x3 grandparents


Photograph of grandpa in my city apartment

Dad looking at mom

Self portrait in my childhood room

Rachel in her room

Picture of grandpa above Rachel's desk

Mom and Rachel

Rachel's highschool photo in Josh's childhood room

Mom skyping Rachel

Rachel moves to Oregon for graduate school

Rachel comes home for winter break

Rachel in her apartment in Oregon

Mom and Rachel

Rachel in her bedroom next to Mom's plants

Rachel making lunch

34 years later

American flag by entrance of parents' house

Mom by her tomato plants

Dad using the smoker

Easter still life

Self portrait before Easter dinner

Mom in the backyard

Pictures from before I was born

Folding laundry

Self portrait in my parents family room

Thanksgiving prayer

Mom hanging laundry

Grandpa's cane and original linoleum flooring

Dad removing carpet

Dad with beard

Self portrait on balcony in suburban apartment

Dad with his tomatos


Mom planting in the backyard

Mom on the phone with Josh

Leaning chairs

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