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Rebecca Hopp

SPE Member since 2011
Member Chapter: South Central


I believe local agriculture is vital to our existence. I question society's awareness and understanding of rural agriculture and its future. It is impossible to know what the future holds for farmers in the entire nation, because of this I have chosen to look at the direction of agriculture in four specific communities. I photograph local agriculture, family farms, youth agricultural activities and communities in order to address why local agronomy is vital and express how these communities are changing.

The transparency of theses images allows me to look beyond the ink on the print, to look beyond what we think we know about our food and fiber sources and the hands behind the products. My images are flexible, skin like, soiled and imperfect much like objects that one encounters daily in this lifestyle. Yet, for me they hold a strong connection to my past and display that traditions run deep in agriculture. But unfailingly those who work in agriculture too continue to bend, change, and adapt to keep the industry moving forward. My images reference the past, but move forward to address agrarian change.

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Fuel from our Farm, Winthrop, Minnesota

Peanuts, Brownfield, Texas

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