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2021 SPE Annual Conference: Imagining Legacy: Archives, Collections, and Memoria

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Rebecca Hackemann

SPE Member since 2017
Member Chapter: Midwest

2017 W/SW Juried Exhibition Application Portfolio

This work emerges from our current political climate in 2017.I am interested in the process of vision and visual communication itself, and how we bring meaning to what we see and experience through the medium of photography, drawing and mixed media and 3-D projection. Most of my work is optical, and forces the viewer to position themself in a particular way in order to see the work.

These works are political, whimsical or satirical depending on the connotations that are brought to the work by the viewer. The addition of non-descriptive text taken from old literary sources, adds to the multi faceted connotations that arise from the work. Allan Sekula notes that "the photograph is an incomplete utterance of some sort, a message that depends on some external matrix of conditions and presuppositions for it's readability.

The Black Gold, or tribute to Ed Ruscha

Luna 1959

The Corset

Her Step, or Tribute to the Spiral Jetty

Make America Great Again

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