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Paul Sisson

SPE Member since 2011
Member Chapter: Southwest

Missed Connections

In the ever-growing expansion of technology, where websites and apps are pristinely designed for easy use and accessibility, Craigslist stands as a remedial virtual bulletin board that hasn’t changed its look in twenty years of existence. Craigslist is used for an endless amount of community listings; including buying and selling unwanted goods, job postings, and real estate. One of the most interesting, yet seemingly least useful, aspects of Craigslist is the Missed Connections page. There we find listings upon listings of men and women who have had a brief encounter with someone, a potential connection or interest, and for one reason or another were not able to act on it until they got home to their computer. These Missed Connections can be funny, sad, poignant, and beautiful all at the same time, but one thing they are never is dull.

My photographic version of Missed Connections takes a look at these oddly hopeful pursuits. Going to the scene of the missed connection and providing a glimpse into the moment that love at first sight was realized, and just as quickly lost. These voyeuristic images, paired with the original listing, provide context and objectivity to the fleeting romanticism experienced by the author.

Saw You at LuLu's

Train Ride to MOA

To the Beautiful Redhead

We Met at a Park in Boulder

Flower Bin

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