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2019 SPE Annual Conference: The Myths of Photography and the American Dream / Major support by The Joy Family Legacy Foundation

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Nathan Collins

SPE Member since 2015
Member Chapter: South Central

Violence and Brutality

How well do you remember the atrocities committed across the world? How much empathy did you really feel when you heard about any of them? Violence is commonplace in our modern world. It is so common we feel very little about it unless we are the victim or culprit. We are desensitized. The media does not often show or broadcast any of the brutal or violent scenes, rather it is recorded by unclear video, or ambiguous imagery.I am desensitized to seeing and hearing about the violence that continues to endure and in order to become more empathetic I became the victim and the culprit. There were moments where I was helpless and moments where I was inflicted; moments where I was a monster and a sadist. It was terrifying to be in both positions. In order for violence and brutality to be understood through a clearer looking glass, it was essential to personify the role of victim and brutalizer. The photographs reflect my personification of torturer and sufferer.
I sought out to uncover and bring light to violent scenes and the brutality behind them. Seldom are the scenes shown through the media. These photographs yield the suspense before pain and the act of torment. The discomforting idea that human beings can torture and inflict violence to other human beings is deeply unsettling. Violence is the inexcusable abandonment of one's humanity. Violence needs to be recognized as an evil available to everyone in some capacity. Restraint must be striven for. Facing the monster inside of us needs to be addressed lest we accost ourselves to commit these same scenes. There needs to be something done. We cannot persist in a violent world if we are to proclaim ourselves human beings.

Victim found with both eyes stabbed multiple times

Two men responsible for beheading

Domestic dispute escalates

Man still missing

Violent scene between two men in a local park

Girl found dead outside of town

23 year old and dog beaten to death in their home

Body mutilated beyond recognition

Body burned beyond identification

Man found with throat severed

Man found in crucifixition scene

Body found with graphic, disturbing lacerations

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