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Nat Raum

SPE Member since 2016
Member Chapter: Mid-Atlantic

*Waxes Poetic One Time*

Finding myself increasingly obsessed with documenting the physical manifestations of a state of mind, I began ruminating on the words "waver" and "quiver". In a manic state, I penned a poem. There is no criteria for the images in this collection other than having been created in the same state of mind in which the poem was written, and as such, the images serve as an extension of that initial feeling. I constantly search for the words to articulate what is happening inside my head during a manic state and have found "chaotic neutral" to be the best descriptor. I seek out the parts of the world around me that feel just odd enough to be true. The images represent a distorted reality not unlike that encountered in a dream. Upon closer reflection, the series is a testament to my personal romanticization of the dream state and the strange, ephemeral experience of dreaming. I look at real life as the dream, and I preserve moments of everyday ephemerality. In short, *Waxes Poetic One Time* is simply a documentation of a chaotic neutral reality, or an extended real-life fever dream, if you will.


Full Brightness

Too Tall

Idle Hour

Discarded (II)

Good Doggie



Picking Petals

Rainbow Bar

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