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2018 Annual Conference


March 01-04, 2018

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2018 SPE Annual Conference: Uncertain Times: Borders, Refuge, Community, Nationhood / Hosted by The University of the Arts

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Mark Sawrie

SPE Member since 1969
Member Chapter: Midwest


“ . . . worship all that you see and more will appear”

from Peter Shaffer’s screenplay Equus

I’m moved by the present; everyday beauty that oddly attracts; the fleeting confluence of light, place and subject that must be appreciated now; or that synchronicity of elements disappearing in seconds, minutes or hours. I cannot get enough of looking at things unexpected. It verges on torture in that I’m tempted to abandon every task or responsibility at hand, and instead worship visuals life has provided me through happenstance or destiny. I probably shouldn’t drive. The need to wear glasses in 2002 is to date the most tragic event in my life (a barrier between me and my straying idolatry).

Comfortably stalked by beauty, I am receptive to the constant and random stream of stimuli, experiences and circumstance that question or solve just about everything. Any aesthetic epiphany I encounter is rarely intentionally sought after. Instead it lies in wait for me to arrive, become aware and stop. Pretentiously, I think my images (my optical prayers) are beyond words when it comes to complete explanation. It’s about being there, completely as possible; and you’re invited. Please don’t bring your phone.

11 a.m.


Brother Joe

Fake Bed

Famous Metaphysical Author

Good Trip


Porch Swing

Vacation Rental

Waiting On Wife

After Party

Al's Kitchen Facing East


Artist's Journal

Baby Doll's

Bird On Wire

Clifford Earl






State Fair Hotties


Why Yes



Future So Bright


Fiercest Light

Color Study

Gates Of

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