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2020 SPE Annual Conference: Hosted by The University of Houston | Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts | School of Art

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Marcus DeSieno

SPE Member since 2009
Member Chapter: Northwest

Surveillance Landscapes

In our increasingly intrusive electronic culture, how do we delineate the boundaries between public and private? Surveillance Landscapes is a body of work that interrogates how surveillance technology has changed our relationship to - and understanding of - landscape and place.

To produce this work, I hack into surveillance cameras, public webcams, and CCTV feeds in pursuit of the “classical” picturesque landscape and the sublime. The resulting visual product becomes dislocated from its automated origins and leads to an investigation of land, of borders, and power. The very act of surveying a site through these photographic systems implies a dominating relationship between man and nature.

Ultimately, I hope to undermine these schemes of social control through photographs - found while exploiting the technological mechanisms of power in our surveillance society.

62.009730, -6.771640

52.143200, -4.394850

48.2946856, -113.2414781

47.710900, -124.415400

37.298200, -113.026300

47.3076297, -120.0828373

44.797715, -110.434367

36.112764, -113.996069

37.874720, 127.734170

46.8800000, 121.7269000

35.996611, -78.899080

38.255200, -104.751400

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