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2021 SPE Annual Conference: Imagining Legacy: Archives, Collections, and Memoria

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Lynne' Cravens

SPE Member since 2013
Member Chapter: South Central

Our Worst Years

Our Worst Years chronicles my journey, and my father's journey through our cancer treatments, as well as, the impact of cancer on our family. The book is made up of two smaller books, one depicting my treatment and the other my father's. The format of Our Worst Years shows the parallel, yet different nature of our experiences through the use of appropriated family photos and first person narrative. The first person narration reveals unspoken worries and concerns. Even though the outcomes of our treatments were drastically different, there were many similarities in our journeys. Each side of the book can be read independently, or the two stories can be read simultaneously. Each side contributes to the time-line it is in, but also adds meaning to the other time-line as well.

Our Worst Years is an edition of 10 books constructed in the spring of 2013. This handmade artist book measures approximately 4"x5" when closed, and 16"x5" when open. Each of the smaller books are bound using a pamphlet stitch, and each set of books are held together with a flat-back case. The pages are hand torn and dyed using raspberries. The images in the book are DASS transfers with inkjet text.

Our Worst Years cover

2004-2005 and 2009-2010 inside covers

Our Worst Years title pages

Our Worst Years centerfolds

My Worst Year detail

His Worst Year detail

Our Worst Years colophon

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