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Lisa McCarty

SPE Member since 2011
Member Chapter: South Central

Experiments in Impossibility

Experiments in Impossibility is an ongoing project to test every type of Impossible Project instant film, the unstable successor to Polaroid. I began this project in 2010 & continue to use this new instant film with mySX-70 camera in order to test the parameters of the film and create a typology of light and emulsion.

The film itself is highly volatile, changing in terms of light and temperature sensitivity as well as chemical make-up from batch to batch, rarely yielding predictable results. These properties are often understood as failures of the film. I assert however, that this film just records a different type of visual information that simply does not match what our eyes can see. Instead it extends our vision, rendering the invisible, visible, & reasserting the instability of photography.

Concentric Circles



Shooting into Sunlight





Electric Candlelight




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