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Lisa McCarty

SPE Member since 2011
Member Chapter: South Central

Developer Drawings

The series Developer Drawings is an experiment to make photographs using only light and the varying developers contained in Polaroid and Impossible Project instant film. Rather than expose the instant film with a camera, I test the parameters of the materials themselves by using the developer encased in the frame of every print to compose an image. As I manipulate the developer under the plastic skin of the print surface, the existing light triggers reactions which change the color and the texture of the developer and film emulsion below it. Every drawing records a new expression of the photographic material and the agency of light, demonstrating that there is already a latent image inside of each instant film print, waiting to be released.

Developer Drawing 0710433212

Developer Drawing 1210433229

Developer Drawing 050841153-02 1123 4060

Developer Drawing 050841154-02 0645 3238

Developer Drawing 0214447013-21

Developer Drawing 0214447013-28

Developer Drawing 0711448007

Developer Drawing 060847164-17

Developer Drawing 060847165-41

Developer Drawing 050841153-02 1121 4410

Developer Drawing 1014438018-6

Developer Drawing 1014438018-7

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