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2019 Annual Conference


March 07-10, 2019

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2019 SPE Annual Conference: The Myths of Photography and the American Dream / Major support by The Joy Family Legacy Foundation

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Kristen Roles

SPE Member since 2013
Member Chapter: Southwest

The Same Impossible

We call out repeatedly into some elsewhere, hoping for reverberation.
Do overlapping echoes interrupt or make one another more whole?

Jaro Studencki died in March of 2015.
I've been making pictures of the physical places we occupied together, the unreachable places we could not occupy together, and the places of measured breathing between preservation and adaptation.

A photograph of the reflection of a foggy sky in hot spring water tries to disappear, but is fixed in space as a print on paper.

Jorge Luis Borges says that art can not presume to express some essence, only to mention or allude to the thing.

A 4x5 slide, not exposed by me, hovers in an elongated frame lit between two sources. Swelling or shrinking as it's moved along its hinged path, the slide casts a ghost image that does not resolve until the frame is just shy of contact with the wall.

Peggy Phelan says of the prospect of shared subjectivity, referencing Barthes,
"It must involve a full seeing of the Other's absence (the ambitious part), a seeing which also entails the acknowledgment of the Other's presence (the humbling part). For to acknowledge the Other's (always partial) presence is to acknowledge one's own (always partial) absence."

A pillow-organ, imprinted with words from a notebook I should never have had access to read, is inflated with my breath and gradually exhausts, unable to sustain any promised repose.

Anne Carson writes, "How does distance look?".

Dissolving and reconstituting thin boundaries and heavy breadths, images at best spur refrains of, "Have I seen that/ been there/ felt this before?" while I continue to ask,
"How much can I hold through remembering?
How much of You is sustained through what's left?
How much can We know by looking?"
Do overlapping echoes interrupt or make one another more whole?

green walls, two years

lightning, dust

it extends from a spaceless within to the edge of what can be loved

as if to alert a ship at sea

under a speculative fracture

i am standing upon a seashore (ii)

we did approach, and hesitantly so

somewhere better than this place

pink snow at the continental divide

in mast and hull

retention pond, medical center of trinity (11.14/12.15/06.16)

i don't know a thing about you (suddenly you are all i ever knew)

cat tooth

untitled (03.17)

gone from my sight

greyhound, 35mm test roll (image by Jaroslaw Studencki)

waiting for the wind to catch

and was and is

our hands on the gearshift

because i do not yet understand the difference between happiness and holding

everything i swept off the floor

title variable (what's lost and been let in...)

many times raked, turned

title variable (what was key west? poland? the screenshot on my desktop labeled "coincidences"?...)

title variable (jemez...)



nowhere better (after Félix González-Torres)

poem scroll-box for variably titled images

The Same Impossible

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