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2021 SPE Annual Conference: Imagining Legacy: Archives, Collections, and Memoria

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Kenneth Hoffman

SPE Member since 2000
Member Chapter: Mid-Atlantic

Portraits Public Places

For many years I have carried a camera never knowing what I might find as I visited a pub or coffee shop, walked the beach or waited for a plane to leave the departure gate. Having a camera meant an opportunity to capture a photograph. No excuses. Earlier in my life I regretted not carrying a camera as I commuted to work through the Port Authority bus terminal in NYC, and walked up eighth avenue to my office on 52nd street. There were many lost opportunities-no camera meant no picture. Opportunities are always present, however. The trick is being ready when you are least expecting it. Walking is best because both hands are free. Bicycling may cover more ground but the photo opportunity may be lost before the picture is taken.

I've never played basketball, but I think taking a picture is like trying to score a three pointer. Be ready, set it up, take the shot. The fleeting moment when you are off balance and click the shutter seldom results in a good photograph. Timing is everything. This portfolio represents my attempt to capture that often elusive moment. Locales include Vietnam, where I was a 1st Lieutenant supervising a detachment of photographers. Other places include US cities where I attended various conferences related to my teaching responsibilities.

photoPlus Model 1

Body Painting PhotoPlus

Anonymous Summit Train Station

Flemington Mall

Boston Duck Boat Ride

Dena's Birthday

Miller's Pub, Chicago

Regular Customer Miller's Pub

Zum Zum Grand Central Station

Denver Train Station

Gay Celebration, NYC

Pleasure Island, Disneyland

Gay Pride San Diago

Bank America Lunchtime

Waiting for Takeoff, Newark

Civil Servent, Saigon

Captain Jenkins Studies Statue

Nick Ut at Steven Kasher Gallery, NYC

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