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2024 Annual Conference

St. Louis

March 21-23, 2024

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Kayla Suzanne Holdgreve

SPE Member since 2012
Member Chapter: Midwest

a bushel and a peck

a bushel and a peck is my MFA Thesis exhibition, exhibited at Ohio University April 2022.

What does it mean to remember something? If we call upon a memory too often, we begin to remember not the original but often our last recollection, clouding details and irrevocably changing what we thought we remembered. But will a photograph help piece together missing information? Or if we return to a specific place will the faded details be easier to see?
a bushel and a peck investigates generational memory through the use of the landscape as a visual narrative. Throughout the work, I use materials that are both archival and non-archival – the non- archival prints being anthotypes and lumen prints. The anthotypes were created using butterfly peaflower and exposed in the sun, therefore leaving them to fade, and eventually disappearing. The lumen prints were created using dirt from various familial homes and exposed in the sun. Because they are unfixed they too will fade, shift in color and eventually disappear. By using these materials along side of archival photographic prints, I like to think about how preservation as well as the deteriorating image can reflect our experience with memory.

Gigi 1

Gigi 2

Gigi 3

Gigi at the Lake



Install image 01

Instal Image 02

Instal image 03

Instal Image 04

Sister Trees

Rushing Waters


The Road; I Love You

Dirt Lumens

Grass #4

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