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Jennifer Murray

SPE Member since 1969
Member Chapter: Midwest

I made these memories on Instagram

A tangent series to a new project in process, European Tour, I made these memories on Instagram is a revisting of images I originally posted as a way to document and share a trip to Italy. During the trip, they were primarily in color, posted in the moment (or the next available wifi moment), and often presented with customary locations and hashtags attached.

Here they are reconsidered as fragments of memory, with pedestrian commentary typically reserved for a more personal viewing with family and friends around a humming slide projector.

Lemon Cookies, Praiano, Italy

The Pantheon has a hole in the ceiling

We bought our tickets early, Vatican Museum

The view from our hotel in Rome

Roman plants

Everything is old

Buffalo mozzarella is a local specialty

I think this is Jesus but his face is missing

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