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2021 SPE Annual Conference: Imagining Legacy: Archives, Collections, and Memoria

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Jennifer Litterer-Trevino

SPE Member since 2006
Member Chapter: Northwest

Maude Everly Series

Maude Everly (M.E.) Series
By Jennifer Litterer

Maude Everly (M. E.) Series is a fictional narrative about casting off the disillusionment of adult expectations and appreciating the everyday. Contemporary American consumer society had created Maude's expectations of the suburban home, a healthy lifestyle, a fulfilling job and a loving partner. Many of the images are constructed similarly to advertising or stock photography to enforce photography's power and role in creating these disillusionments.

Through out this series, Maude navigates what she wants out of life and what life becomes. Like many adults, in her pursuit of happiness she deals with the mundane of the everyday such as buying groceries, cleaning and cooking. Maude should feel grind out by the everyday, but it is through these moments that she awakens and discovers her disillusionment. She learns to let go of the expectations and to embrace life. Maude becomes present in all the moments of her life.

Maude challenges viewers to discover and shed their own disillusionments.

The End

Letting Go 1

American Dream



Healthy Food






The Job



Letting Go 2


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