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2018 SPE Annual Conference: Uncertain Times: Borders, Refuge, Community, Nationhood / Hosted by The University of the Arts

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Jennifer Copp

SPE Member since 1994
Member Chapter: Southeast

Me, Myself and Sophia

MFA Photography & Related Media, Video Concentration
School of Visual Arts, NY, NY

BFA Photography
Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah, GA

About Ms. Copp:

Ms. Jennifer Copp has received two Aaron Siskind grants as a graduate student at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. In 2007 and again in 2011 she received a United Arts of Central Florida Individual Artist creative assistance grant. Her career includes time spent in Los Angeles as a set decorator and as a film set photographer. Jennifer is currently exhibiting her work both in solo and group shows. Jennifer has recently returned to Florida after a two year Artist in Residence faculty position at Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi (2008 - 2010). Ms. Copp is currently a Professor of Photography at Seminole State College in Sanford, Florida. Jennifer has been teaching since 2004.

Words from the Artist:

I wish to "trip the lights fantastic". I have been intrigued lately with the idea of taking photos from different events, places and times and combining them into a reality which makes sense to me. Sometimes my combined images make more sense to me than be seen or determined from the original photograph. These are photographs of the Mother and daughter experience, as we experience it. I am a single Mother, artist and teacher and all these things combined leave little time for the internal world, photography gives this opportunity to my daughter and me. Life is hard, our journeys are full of life, taste and laughter, sometimes the fantasy of the very young. Years ago this would have not seemed at all my vantage point with the combining of imagery, today this makes sense to me, evolution of mind is a wicked stepmother.

As a photographer I focus my view of life in such a way as to be able to see staged tableaus in every place that I encounter. I can see in my minds eye the moment before and after the event that I am capturing with my camera. There is a prevalent feeling for me in which I want to save moments, small moments that happen briefly and then vanish and are gone. I record moments in time so that I can go back and look at them again and again. I am captivated with light and the small moments in time that occur within every day.

"Photographs are a way of imprisoning reality...One can't possess reality, one can possess images--one can't possess the present but one can possess the past."
― Susan Sontag, On Photography

I am intrigued with the power that the arts have to enact change. I use photography as a mirror and spotlight. I hope to encourage people to see their common world in a new way, which might instigate internal and external change in their lives. I continue to use several different mediums in addition to photography to convey ideas that are of interest to me, such as installation, video and collage. My hope is to continue to bring my projects, both still photography and multi-media to galleries as well as untraditional locations. I am energized to create memories in the lives of those around me.

"Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything." 
- Aaron Siskind

- Jennifer Bronwynn Copp

Me, Myself and Baby Sophie


Profile Against the Cotton Curtain

Ocean Restaurant (Florida)

Alone on the Beach

Lost in Suburbia

My Back in Natchez, M.S.

Sophie in the Storm




Small Magic

The Laundry Room Moment

Alice is in Wonderland

Expectant on the Beach

Hiding in the Bathroom

Night Light

Intimate Self

Girl on the Rocks


The Long Beach

Ocean Baby, Sophie Cries

Sophie's Room

How Mother Relaxes

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