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2019 SPE Annual Conference: The Myths of Photography and the American Dream / Major support by The Joy Family Legacy Foundation

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Jamie Kreher

SPE Member since 2009
Member Chapter: Midwest


Feelings of anxiety about the sustainability of our suburban landscape mingled with a love of the mass-produced geometric forms found within this setting fuel my investigations. I drive through the car-oriented built environment foraging for structures that are overlooked, ordinary, outdated and unused. Then, I re-imagine these structures in order that they evoke something rooted in and yet beyond themselves. To achieve these ends, I utilize attributes associated with mass production such as repetition and homogeneity to create serial imagery, patterns and formations.

As I engage issues associated with abstraction and representation my ambition is that these composite pictures transform elements from the everyday into something worthy of contemplation. At the same time, I want my work to convey a celebration of repetition and banality while acknowledging a tension rooted in the negative impact the car-oriented environment may have on our lives.

For the series, Fundamentals, I created photographic documentation of empty interior spaces of commerce and then used these source images to create digital collages suggestive of their architectural beginnings. Using the medium of large-scale vinyl banners, a convention of advertising, I transform these images of privately owned spaces into public pictorial monuments. The banners and framed, repeating photographs suggest the patterns and illumination of stained glass windows which narrated a spiritual transcendence. These empty spaces could also be active sites of social and economic transformation but their great numbers also point to the structural problems of our economy.

Installation view of Fundamentals 1, Fundamentals 8, and Fundamentals 4

Detail of Fundamentals 1

Detail of Fundamentals 4

Installation view of Fundamentals Study, Fundamentals 4, and Fundamentals 7

Detail of Fundamentals Study

Detail of Fundamentals 7

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