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2021 SPE Annual Conference: Imagining Legacy: Archives, Collections, and Memoria

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Heather Stratton

SPE Member since 2005
Member Chapter: Midwest

Domestication: A Recovery Act

The suburban landscape lays within the heart of the media induced ideal of the American Dream. The images of Domestication: A Recovery Act reveal the women who inhabit the similar homes of an otherwise desolate landscape. The images are visually layered through the psychological aspects of the bedspace and how suburban housewives control and use this space through the absence of their male counterpart while the environmental images portray daily activities and personal interests. The women in the images come from varied backgrounds and domestic situations. The commonality they all share is their level of commitment to the home and their willingness to share their vulnerabilities within their commitment to their cohabitants and environments.

Ana and Prince Moustafa

Ana in Her Studio

Kat's TV Cat Watches Kat's Dogs

Future Homemakers of America, 1970

Sara and Zeus

Sara's Small Kitchen

Christina in Daughter's Room

Christina Browses Social Networks

Miss Joy and the Relationship Cure

Melissa the Summer before Moving to a Wisconsin Farm

Pregnant Again

Hillaire Sleeps While Sam Works

Violet, Retired Model

Genevive Rose, Mother of Seven

Genevive Rose Teaches Art in the Backyard

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