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2021 SPE Annual Conference: Imagining Legacy: Archives, Collections, and Memoria

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Hao Jiang

SPE Member since 2016
Member Chapter: Southwest


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In 1937, Japan committed an unforgivable crime which was known as Nanking Massacre. During that time, my great-grandfather was Japanese, but he was a Chinese. He saved our family under heavy pressure because he was falling in love with a Chinese woman. He was Japanese but he was willing to act against Japan. Also, that time, most of the head of consulates saved thousands of people and they truly hated the Japanese’s so called killing competition without humanity.

The balloon could be anything that I want it to be. I am seeking for the humanitarian spirit to sublime myself by using balloon while the world still exists Augean stables.

My family history inspires me so that I have created lots of different characters to enrich myself.
Jintong Qiu, a blind girl who was my great-grandfather’s neighbor.
Sakae Yamaguchi, a Japanese soldier who followed the order to kill civilians.
Tian Bai, a farmer who saved my great-grandfather.
Lan Situ, a Chinese soldier who fought till death.
Hua Qiu, Jintong Qiu’s elder sister.
Toshiaki Noda, a Japanese officer who participated in Hundred People Killing competition.
Xingwei Zhang, a Chinese traitor who worked for Japanese.
Hideo Ito, a Japanese Soldier who feet guilty and had a nervous breakdown eventually.
Antony Rabe, the president of Nanking U.S. Consulate.
Takenouchi Jiang, my great-grandfather.

During the Nanking Massacre:
43,123 bodies were collected by the Buddhist Society.
22,683 bodies were collected by the Red Cross.
112,267 bodies were collected by Chung Shan Society.
7,000 bodies were collected by Tung Shan Society.
400 bodies were collected by Muslim Society.
28,000 bodies were collected by Sheng Shih-chang and others.
7,000 bodies were collected by Rui Fang-yuan and others.
3,000 bodies were collected by Kao Guan-wu and others.
3,240 bodies were collected by Liu Chien-hsiang and others.
90,000 bodies were handled by the Japanese.

"Idyll" Book Layout

"Idyll" Official Trailer

"Idyll" Official Movie

“Idyll” Photo Book Detailed Shots

Selected Documentary Photographs of “Idyll”

Selected Documentary Photographs of “Idyll”

Selected Documentary Photographs of “Idyll”

Selected Documentary Photographs of “Idyll”

Selected Documentary Photographs of “Idyll”

Selected Documentary Photographs of “Idyll”

Selected Documentary Photographs of “Idyll”

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