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2021 SPE Annual Conference: Imagining Legacy: Archives, Collections, and Memoria

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Garth Amundson

SPE Member since 1999
Member Chapter: Northwest

Mr. & Mr.

Amundson works as part of a collaborative team with his partner, Pierre Gour. Together, they further explore the fluidity and construction of masculinity. In this body of work, entitled "Mr. & Mr.", they continue to experiment with appropriation of vintage photography. In this context, they have paired turn-of-the-century studio portraits of two men into single images. Referencing the complexities of queer identity and the often convoluted morphing of two beings into a single relationship, these "couples" awkwardly hold space in an absurd and monstrous fashion. As if they were suspended trophies, the couples hang together in a strange and whimsical grouping of three.

Mr. and Mr. I, II, III

Mr. and Mr. No. I

Mr. and Mr. No. II

Mr. and Mr. No. III

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