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2021 SPE Annual Conference: Imagining Legacy: Archives, Collections, and Memoria

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Garin Horner

SPE Member since 2008
Member Chapter: Midwest

An Ethnographic Study of Personal Spiritual Altars & Shrines

This project is motivated by a 25-year desire to document the spiritual/ontological relationships between people and their personal altars. These images focus on intimate connections people have with places and objects that serve as focal points, where subjects feel strong links with transcendent beings, ethereal energies, and/or supernatural realities.

The altars in this project express a diverse range of individual spiritual beliefs, both within and outside mainstream religions. The idea is based on the premise that there are as many unique representations of spiritual expression as there are people.

The subjects I collaborate with are a combination of artists, actors, and spiritual practitioners who want to give voice to and celebrate their own distinct views as part of a multitude of spiritual beliefs. They are believers in a supernatural meta-ecology, or structure of subtle dimensions that co-exist with our reality (TR, 2016) comprised of various beings (or forces). Part of this view recognizes altars to be microcosms and/or nexuses of those subtle dimensions.

Note: I am always looking for people who are willing to let me photograph them with their shrines and/or altars.

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