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2019 SPE Annual Conference: The Myths of Photography and the American Dream / Major support by The Joy Family Legacy Foundation

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Erin Mahoney

SPE Member since 2012
Member Chapter: West

The Jacket

When I think back on my childhood and growing up in a small rural town, I often think of how stuck it was in a certain time and place. Things and places were always the same. While most towns made way for chain stores and restaurants, my town has always had the same grocer and diner where locals meet every morning. Daily life and mundane activities filled out most of everyone's time. I find a comfort when I think back on that worn-in constant lifestyle. Yet, I have always had a desire for more and a desire to take that simple life and make it extraordinary. This series, called The Jacket, is the result. I photograph my self with an animated man's suit jacket to excite the unassuming and re-imagine the everyday. These characters are photographed digitally and composited back together to create one seamless image where they both can interact together. Digital capture and editing are important because I Photoshop the insides of the Jacket to appear empty and give the idea of an invisible person filling it. The Jacket serves as my companion throughout my travels and takes ordinary situations to new heightened levels of fun. I find a sense of nostalgia and hold sentimental memories when I recall my home and this time period. All the images are to be printed digitally since the aesthetic choice of aged yellows, browns, and tans play strongly throughout the series, deepening the sense of a place stuck in time. The series will be framed salon style in outdated wooden frames to reinforce the idea of kept memories.

Family Portrait

In the attic

4th of July

In the cornfields

In the kitchen

At the front door


Camera Obscura

Pumpkin Patch

A fogged mirror

In the oven

In the park

Summer Storm




House cleaning

Summer Vacation

At the typewriter

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