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2019 Annual Conference


March 07-10, 2019

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2019 SPE Annual Conference: The Myths of Photography and the American Dream / Major support by The Joy Family Legacy Foundation

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Eric Weeks

SPE Member since 2011
Member Chapter: Northeast

A Rose By Any Other Name

A name… We give names to people, things, thoughts, and emotions to identify, categorize and differentiate. The photographic combinations presented here are metaphors about that process. These images ask the viewer to re-evaluate the meanings signified by the persons, places, plants and animals and consider the synapses that connect them. I invite the viewer to seek visual correlations that create new emotional and psychological associations.

Visual groupings can function much like verbal language structure with images of nouns serving as subjects, verbs, objects, adjectives, and adverbs. The phrases here communicate complex ideas through pictorial means, rather than literal and linear methods. I am practicing an ancient language with modern instruments while simultaneously echoing today's postmodern emoji-driven semantics.

My work is concerned with photography's ability to describe specific details and to
suggest open-ended stories. In this group of photographs, narrative is presented in each frame as well as between the various images. My goal with this body of work is to visually express the thoughts and emotions associated with struggle, loss, self-actualization, and liberation.

Untitled #1

Untitled #2

Untitled #3



"Gaze" (from A Rose By Any Other Name)

"Dappled" (from A Rose By Any Other Name)

"On A Limb" (from A Rose By Any Other Name)

"Ain't Nothin' But The Blues" (from A Rose By Any Other Name)

"Broken Flower" (from A Rose By Any Other Name)

"Black, Brown and Beige" (from A Rose By Any Other Name)

"Tendril" (from A Rose By Any Other Name)

"Luna" (from A Rose By Any Other Name)

"Chained" (from A Rose By Any Other Name)

"Saturday Afternoon" (from A Rose By Any Other Name)

"Stair" (from A Rose By Any Other Name)

"Under The High Line" (from A Rose By Any Other Name)

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