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2019 Annual Conference


March 07-10, 2019

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2019 SPE Annual Conference: The Myths of Photography and the American Dream / Major support by The Joy Family Legacy Foundation

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David Martin

SPE Member since 2010
Member Chapter: Midwest

My Portfolio

Identity is fundamental to our very being. It describes who we are, how we function, the ways we interact with others, and in many cases why and how we exist. As we move through life our identities are constructed, morph, distort, develop, and evolve to deal with the situations we face. The identities that we create encompass, and are comprised of, multiple categories such as sexuality, gender, politics, race, and social grouping. In my work I focus on examining and questioning the dialogue that exists between the boundaries of these identities and the groups within which we live and move. Fluidity of identity becomes important as do the categories that society creates to organize and identify us. Can we resist this categorization? Or are we predestined to follow it? These are questions that re-occur in my work. In addition I am constantly curious as to the impact that the media and society at large have on our own identities and of those who surround us. Identity both describes who and what we are - or who and what we are not. Works submitted here are 20x25.

Straight Bed/Queer Bed 1

Straight Bed/Queer Bed 2

Sexuality One

This Is What Gay Men Eat

Sexuality Two

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