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2019 SPE Annual Conference: The Myths of Photography and the American Dream / Major support by The Joy Family Legacy Foundation

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Christine Carr

SPE Member since 2006
Member Chapter: Midwest


My interest in clouds and buildings has coalesced in a project concerning climate change and how it may affect our civilization. We are living with the very real possibility of dramatic decline or collapse. Damage to the environment through overuse and pollution will decrease resources and the increase in disaster strength and occurrence will eradicate life and land.

Many people travel to view the ruins of lost civilizations and wonder what happened, but in our own time we are faced with demise and those in power are doing little to counter it. Jared Diamond, in his book Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, explains why that may happen: an avoidance of problem solving due to profit and entrenched values. Without repercussions there is no incentive to curb disastrous practices for those who profit from pollution or overuse of resources.

In Vapor each image contains coexisting natural and manmade components. The structures reference basic building uses throughout humanity and the clouds refer to the constantly changing and unpredictable dynamic of nature. Throughout time civilizations have grown and inevitably collapsed; this project is a reminder of our impermanence.











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