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Christiana Caro

SPE Member since 2009
Member Chapter: Mid-Atlantic

Zitny Ostrov

The walk began, but I turned back. Arrows were left so I could retrace their steps. They went to the water, and found a pile of rotting apples along the way. I went to find something seen from the car. A spheric cement bunker with no windows but painted bright - unmistakably an orange. Other structures nearby were similarly slappy.

Following the arrows I stopped at a dam. The fishermen paddling over slowly, but surely. They asked if I would like a ride. I did. It got dark and I didn't pick the trail back up - that day. Later, a floating platform almost carried me away. At the last minute, I was pulled back to shore.

You can never visit the same river twice. It's true.

Zitny ostrov is located in Slovakia, in the Danube river. I have been photographing islands that contain museums curated by locals. I am interested in the intersection of nature and culture in this relationship. In these island institutions, the visitor is offered an experience, an education, and a fable at once. Outside, the island is another kind of container.


Rye Island


Spring Garden

Hedge Line

Halfway To Howling

Firepits & Molehills

Fish Hitch

4 Days Instead of 2

We'll See


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