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Christiana Caro

SPE Member since 2009
Member Chapter: Mid-Atlantic

We'll Talk Until You Were Born

AoAoAo. The horizon line beyond, sky above, earth below (on). Standing in place, continuing in one place forever on firm ground made of small pieces. Rocks, too. A garden of bits creates a whole, a replication of the sea, a hill in the middle rising. I look out towards the line in space that extends to the sky and diverges with the land.

The photograph is the record, but it is also the way. A cave, its inversion.

As above, so below. Etc.

This body of work reflects various elements of a personal archive, re-examined. The splicing of time that photography allows for makes way for thematic flexibility - a restructuring of visual elements and history that establishes new paths. I wanted to reconstruct a line in order to see something new and make other things invisible.



in the west are a plenty of-bears-.

Cave Evac


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