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Christiana Caro

SPE Member since 2009
Member Chapter: Mid-Atlantic

I Am You Are Other

The formerly communist hotel with someone new at the desk every four hours. In six days we did not see the same desk person twice. Some old meeting place from before, a pile of dirty sheets - they beckon like leaves? This piece of furniture bisected the room, yet, with its clear doors allowed for a semi-continuous view. The futility of its architecture its own perfect metaphor.

I am, you are other. Trifecta.

Historical time begins with intention to go to a place. Seeing is active as well. While living in a country where I did not speak the language, communication shifted, became physical. This isolation from language was a new way for me to observe, one that hovered between instinct and perception. What developed was some kind of echolocation. In my travels through the former Eastern Bloc I visited a community garden, a communist era hotel, a castle ruin, an island of museums, and an abandoned house full of bed feathers with a stork's nest in the back.

Double Back



Museum Island

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