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Chang-Ching Su

SPE Member since 2023
Member Chapter: Midwest

The day that we are all included

As I roamed the corridors of Haines Elementary School, a striking contrast unfolded before me. While students were engrossed in their classrooms, I found myself captivated by the locker-lined hallway. The backpack straps suspended between the lockers, seized my attention. Each strap exhibited an unique of colors and lengths, some standing tall and unwavering, while others cascaded like vines gracefully draping from their resting places.

Frozen in time since 1994, lockers design echoing the days of our grandparents. In a world where children now wield iPads, command drones through the skies, code robots with deftness, and rely on the guiding hand of AI, these lockers stand as relics of a bygone era. So, how should we design a new locker?

This project was undertaken during a residency at Haines Elementary School in Chicago, in collaboration with CPSLive.

Untitled (Rose Lotion)

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