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2018 Annual Conference


March 01-04, 2018

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2018 SPE Annual Conference: Uncertain Times: Borders, Refuge, Community, Nationhood / Hosted by The University of the Arts

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Bryan Steiff

SPE Member since 2012
Member Chapter: Southwest


Wind is a photographic project that examines and documents the burgeoning infrastructure for producing wind energy in the United States. A dramatic surge in construction of massive wind farms, small commercial applications, and emerging residential use of energy generating wind turbines, is creating changes in the landscape in profound ways. Whether viewing the high-density installations engaging the landscape like gigantic sculptural interventions, or the smaller commercial and residential fixtures that speak of practicality and environmental concerns, the turbines inevitably ask us to re-address our visual experience of the landscape. These dramatic symbols of renewable resources and green technology vividly evidence the hand of man on the landscape in a way not seen since the massive post World War II infrastructure development.

Shell Station, Goldendale, Washington (SSGD1026), 2016

Middlegrunden Wind Farm, Øresund, Copenhagen, Denmark (MWØCD0106), 2014

Sunset, Buffalo Gap WInd Farm, Nolan County, Texas (BFGW0546), 2016

Grafittied Turbine, Refshalevej, Copenhagen, Denmark (RAIC0302), 2014

Radio Tower and Turbine, Hardt, Germany (RRT1877) 2016

Improvised Electricity Producing Turbine, The Greater World Earthship Community, Taos, New Mexico (GWEC0622), 2016

Maryhill Stonehenge Memorial, Maryhill, Washington (MHS1063), 2016

Clines Corners, New Mexico (CCT0005) 2015

Miniature Church, Elk Creek Cemetery, Barton Wind Farm, Worth County Iowa (BWF0309)

Prototype Turbine, Ishpeming Houseing Commision, Ishpeming Michicagan (ISH0209)

Untitled, Glacier Hills Wind Farm, Columbia County,Wisconsin (GH0113)

Untitled, San Gorgonio Pass, Palm Springs, California (SGP1313)

Brushy Peak Regional Preserve, Altamont Pass, California (ALT0109)

Fence Line, Lost Creek Wind Farm, De Kalb County, Missouri (LCWF0109)

Mesalands Community College, Tucumcari, New Mexico (MCC0103)

Moraine View State Park, Twin Groves Wind Farm, McLean County,Illinois (TG0115)

Savonius Style Vertical Axis Wind Turbines, Cermak Plaza, Riverside, Illinois (CP0106)

Untitled, San Gorgonio Pass, Palm Springs, California (SGP1818)

Brighton Car Wash, Naperville, Illinois (BRCW0213)

Service Door, San Gorgonio Pass, Palm Springs, California (SGP1915)

Testa Produce Warehouse, 48th & Racine, Chicago, Illinois (TW0102)

Untitled, San Gorgonio Pass, Palm Springs, California (SGP2007)

Untitled, Tehatchapi Pass, Tehatchapi, California (TP0509)

Untitled, Top Crop Wind Farm, La Salle County, Illinois (TC0409)

USMC Billboard, U.S. Route 20, Sweetwater Texas (ABT0111)

West Nobles Ave. & South Fifth Street, Tucumcari, New Mexico (MCC0103)

Wind Energy Industrial Park, San Gorgonio Pass, Palm Springs, California (SGP0213)

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