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2021 SPE Annual Conference: Imagining Legacy: Archives, Collections, and Memoria

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Bridget Murphy Milligan

SPE Member since 1999
Member Chapter: Midwest

Wonder Tales: The Imprint of Child's Play

As both a mother and artist, I believe some of life's most meaningful moments come from the ability to fuse fantasy with reality. These images are part of a photographic project entitled "Wonder Tales: The Imprint of Child's Play." Celebrating the spirit of childhood, the series investigates the imaginative play and the uninhibited curiosity of children. Rooted in the fertile soil of my small farm in central Ohio, the images visually weave together normal real life situations with unexpected fictional narratives my children reenact. In examining the significant discoveries that come from play, photographing common childhood fantasies and fears, I create dreamlike images which bring a renewed sense of wonder to the ordinary.

Free Falling

Free Falling #2

The Guardians

The Joker

A Mad Tea Party


What If...

The Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf #2



Hunting Games


Mermen #2


Pirates Gold

Pirates Gold #2

The Pie Tree #2

The Pie Tree

Tug of War

Tug of War #2

Cultivating Creativity #1

Cultivating Creativity #2

Cultivating Creativity #3

Sticks & Stones #1

Sticks & Stones #2

Sticks & Stones #3

Sticks & Stones #4

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