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2019 Annual Conference


March 07-10, 2019

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2019 SPE Annual Conference: The Myths of Photography and the American Dream / Major support by The Joy Family Legacy Foundation

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Barbara Houghton

SPE Member since 1999
Member Chapter: Midwest

Political Prayers: the first 100 days of the troubling Trump administration

This photographic project ended at day 100 of the Trump Administration. I made more than 100 photographs, watched countless hours of news broadcasts, read two newspapers religiously, gathered facts, images and impressions from many sources and now it is done. That doesn't mean I won't add images to it from time to time when big things happen, nor does it mean I have covered all the subjects I was interested in, but time is up. I used many appropriated images and reworked them, and am thankful to the many photographers whose work aided me in my new images. These photographs began as I counterbalanced two images with an object of religious significance on one side and image being commented on on the other side. As I worked they become more complicated turning into a montage of images to create a new idea.

Nevertheless, She Persisted

Changes at the DOJ

Sir, what will be left?

Steep learning curve

Sending my armada...

Betsy, will we be welcome

distractions, control,loyalty,paranoia

golfing is easier

jared's jobs

N0 Ben, slaves are not the same as immigrants

lies and leaks

bragging gets in the way

Flynn immunity request

I broke the Senate

pray for the environment

loving his bombs

Don't you worry about your dad's mental health?

North Korea

God help us!

wiretapped by Obama and the Queen

Trump family wealth

the tax fairy

Up to your job, Rex?

Preet was investigating

China's help requested

Who was the most unprepared president?


ship of state

Bannon wants to deconstruct

history and chocolate cake

Ivanka goes to the White House

let love stop hate

25th Amendment

Devin spinning the story

Drain the swamp?

health care fight

Ivanka's conflicts

Nunes thrown to the sharks

Manafort's Russian connections


Trump is no Reagan

no accomplishments

tariff on wood

Trump lies

as the winds blow

bannon and ryan

bullies and madmen

collision course

inauguration crowd/march

elephant in the room

federal workers in budget plan

flippant brat

Flynn again

Gorsuch and Supreme Court

growing pains

his temperament

house intelligence

Jared goes to intelligence?

jared's own fault

killer greets killer

lessons on government

mantra for the resistance

they want an investigation

missing US Attorneys

nuclear threats

Pence is not really a Christian


power fight

devil's roller coaster

Russian cover up

Ryan healthcare lies

throwing Ryan under the bus

Sanctuary Cities

Sessions embarrassment

slight of hand

they tell me

Sean lies


Tom Price lies

please give us a chance

Prove it

Why is Chaffetz leaving

Mitch sold his soul

bad healthcare plan

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