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Anne Massoni

SPE Member since 2000
Member Chapter: Northeast

Strangers in Irons

I live at the oceans edge. Air here is different. To turn into the wind, to catch the ocean's "breath" is to embrace salt and sea... a delicate breeze or a forceful push. I walk the beach, I ask strangers (and a few friends) to turn their face into the wind, to accept it as it is, as they are. Each day is different, each profile unique - a simple gesture for something that can not be seen. To be "in irons" is when a boat is facing the wind and therefore can not catch the wind in it's sail. The boat sits still, a photograph makes still the movement of the air across a face, through the hair. These are my strangers in irons. To see additional images from the series visit:

07.20.11 12:25:36


08.18.11 16:30:53


08.25.11 16:08:17

07.20.11 12:41:20

08.25.11 16:07:43

08.05.11 13:51:34

08.05.11 14:09:29

08.25.11 16:20:33


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