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2021 SPE Annual Conference: Imagining Legacy: Archives, Collections, and Memoria

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Angelo Mantas

SPE Member since 1999
Member Chapter: Midwest

the Folks

In July of 2007, I received a call from my mother's doctor. She said my mother had been hospitalized, was suffering from confusion, and that I had to come down to institutionalize her and my father. After the two day drive from Chicago to Palm Harbor, Florida, I found both my parents at home, in good spirits, and seemingly fine.

And so started my journey into caring for my parents as Alzheimers and dementia took their toll. A journey into the medical, legal, and financial issues of aging, as well as the emotional and psychological aspects of watching your parents decline. The difficulty of trying to help people that don't want help, that say everything is fine, despite all evidence to the contrary. My father passed in 2011, and we moved my mother to an assisted living facility near my sister in Montana. My mother passed in 2016.

Although I didn't set out to make a document of this, I inevitably took photos during my many visits. Maybe I'm showing something we all go through. Maybe this is just therapy. I'll figure that out later.

The Folks, Nestani, Greece, 1962

Dad and my cousin Jimmy.

Mom with the Lilies I bought her.


Dads meds

Dad with his portrait in his twenties


My flea bitten leg before treating their cat




Dads office

January 11, 2011, the last photo of me with both my parents.


Mom at my sisters house

Mom and her friend Gladys


Mom in her assisted living apartment


Feathers from Mom's parrot, Joe, which were buried with her.

May, 2016

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