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Past SPE National Conferences

Take advantage of automatic enrollment in your regional chapter. While each of the eight regions is unique, they all provide local conferences, networking opportunites, and other benefits to serve the special needs of their constituency. You can also volunteer to serve as a regional leader. 

Upcoming Regional Events

Spheres of Influence

University of Oklahoma - Oklahoma City, OK   |   September 24 - September 26, 2015

Oklahoma City rests at the intersection of many highways that cross the continental US. OKC is known for Boomers and Sooners, sunsets, beauty queens, red dirt, tornado alley, and a capital with an oil derrick on site. The variety contained promotes why the locality of Oklahoma City is the perfect place to explore how we identify and reflect on the many guiding "forces" impacting our creative lives. All of us are affected by a variety of influences from history, culture, identity, geography, politics, scientific discovery, mentors, and experience to name some. This conference hopes to address how these spheres of influence impact us as artists, educators, and students and how this manifests in our photography as discovery, investigations, and recording in our worlds. For questions, please contact

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Throwing Light, Catching Shadows

The Seelbach Hilton - Louisville, KY   |   October 01 - October 04, 2015

The University of Louisville's Hite Art Institute is pleased to host "Throwing Light, Catching Shadows", the 2015 Society of Photographic Education's Mid-West Regional Conference. Celebrating innovation, this conference will explore the intersections among various historic and contemporary photographic methods. Diverse approaches including alternative processes and digital projections will be addressed to examine the spectrum of photographic experiences that connect public and private spaces. The featured speakers would not be possible without the collaborative partnerships of Bellarmine University, Indiana University Southeast, The Kentucky School of Art at Spalding University with the University of Louisville.

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About A Place

Pittsburgh Filmmakers - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   |   October 23 - October 24, 2015

"About a Place" addresses social, natural, political, psychological, and personal geographies, broadly. We invite members to submit work that explores the intersections of these and other ways of understanding the worlds in which we live, and through which we move. Our understanding of what constitutes "place" is rapidly changing, influenced by current events that ask how localities transform (gentrification), what national borders mean (ISIS, Russia/Ukraine) and to whom the United States "belongs" (Occupy); by geologic transformations (climate change, resource extraction); by new technologies (social media, surveillance and "big data," virtual realities, and global positioning); and more. What distinguishes a place? How can photographic practice articulate the relationships between experience and memory, or between history and landscape? How can photographic processes transform knowledge about place-based subjects? What are the stories that we tell about places, and why? We look forward to seeing responses that engage with these themes, using photography to both address and raise questions "About a Place."

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Plays Well With Others

The Collaborative Process in Photography

The Fine Arts Center - Greenville, South Carolina   |   November 06 - November 08, 2015

We are looking forward to seeing you in Greenville, SC!

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SPE Southwest and West Joint Retreat

Joshua Tree Conference Center - Joshua Tree, CA   |   November 13 - November 15, 2015

Experience the natural beauty and creative character of Joshua Tree with an all inclusive weekend at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and son, Lloyd). Conference programming will include Honored Educator Sant Khalsa, guest speakers, round-table discussions, and portfolio sharing as well as field trips to the National Park, Andrea Zittel's Studio and High Desert Test Sites, Noah Purifoy's Art Park, Sounds Baths at the Integratron and more. Relax and rejuvenate with SPE friends at the pool and jacuzzi, gazing at the night skies or on a hike or meditation walk. Registration link coming soon.

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